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Chapter 3

Super genius

The ability to draw runes was the unique mark of a rune master!

The tall elder, Village Chief Xiao Tianren, naturally understood this.

However, it had been many years since he had last seen a rune master, which was why he could not help but feel somewhat unsure when he first saw Lin Xun’s movements.


Could this weak-looking boy be a rune master?

That couldn’t be right!

A true rune master was an extremely revered existence; an individual that possessed superior status even in highly populated cities.

The youngster before them was merely a thirteen year old boy. His clothes were simple and shabby, an image that could never relate to the legendary rune masters.

Xiao Tianren took a deep breath to compose himself and continued to observe.

He suddenly felt an irresistible curiosity towards Lin Xun, who was attentively working with practiced movements. Where had this stranger come from? Would he really be able to solve the worm infestation?

Amidst the silent atmosphere, Lin Xun was bent over in the field as his finger continued to nimbly draw complex patterns on the wet and rich soil.

His movements were akin to a dancing snake while also bold and unrestrained like a heavenly steed galloping in the sky.

The villagers could not turn their eyes away. The doubt in their hearts gradually faded as a wisp of unexplainable expectation rose within them.

Twilight passed and was replaced by the ink-black night. Bright stars emerged one after another, sprinkling their gentle glow onto the land. The cold moon hung in the sky like a silver saucer with silver moonlight spilling onto the ground.

Lin Xun’s finger suddenly paused before he added one final light stroke to the mysterious pattern on the ground.


The pattern made from golden powder abruptly lit up as if it had come alive. A beam of golden light shot straight towards the sky!

The villagers' hearts shuddered and their pupils rapidly expanded as if they were mesmerized. All of their eyes were glued on the golden light that was soaring into the heavens.

Amidst the darkness of the night, strands of dazzling silver moonlight began to surge down like the tide as if something was beckoning it. The moonlight pooled together at the end of the golden ray.

More and more moonlight gathered, swirling in the sky like rippling water. The ethereal and holy beauty of the sight instantly took the villagers’ breaths away.

As people who had spent all their lives in Feiyun Village, how could they possibly have experienced such magic?

It was basically a miracle to them!


When the moonlight accumulated to a certain point, it suddenly fell with a loud rumble as if unable to bear its own weight.


Moonlight poured down like a heavy rain, glowing with holy light as it followed the beam of golden light and descended upon the worm infested field.

The entire field was instantly enveloped by a layer of ethereal silver light, creating an exceptionally beautiful sight amidst the ink-like darkness of the night.

Under the moonlight, the frail boy in the field seemed to gain a mysterious aura that garnered everyone’s respect.

The entire place was silent; the villagers were dumbstruck with their eyes and mouths wide open.

Even Village Chief Xiao Tianren was no exception as his eyes were filled with amazement.

However, Lin Xun’s attention was not on them. After completing the task, he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes finally relaxing as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He wiped his sweat covered forehead and carefully exited the field.

He had done what he could. All that was left was to see the result.

“Young man, you are quite something.” Village Chief Xiao Tianren had appeared beside Lin Xun without him noticing. The old man’s eyes were filled with an unspoken emotion.

Lin Xun chuckled, “Elder’s praise is misplaced. I merely used a Gold Eating Rat’s essence bone powder to draw an elementary tier Light Drawing Rune. It’s honestly not even worth mentioning.”

Xiao Tianren was slightly surprised by Lin Xun’s honesty as a sliver of undetectable admiration flashed in his eyes. Soon after, the elder nodded. “Let’s go.”

Lin Xun was taken aback. “Where to?”

Xiao Tianran responded, “To find you some accommodation of course. From today, Feiyun Village is your home and you may stay however long you wish.”

As he spoke, he turned around and began to leave with his hands behind his back, ignoring the changes that were happening to the field.

This stunned Lin Xun. The elder had made the decision to accept him before waiting for this worm infestation affair to be settled. This honestly surprised Lin Xun.

He smiled helplessly before quickly following without hesitation.


Feiyun Village was built along a mountain and appeared quiet and peaceful under the moon’s glow.

Xiao Tianren led Lin Xun to the end of the village where a rundown little residence sat.

The place consisted of three thatched buildings and a courtyard. A willow stood at the center of the courtyard and was surrounded by a garden that was currently filled with weeds.

The thatched houses had clearly been in disrepair for many years as they were covered in cobwebs and dust.


Xiao Tianren pushed open the door and lit an oil lamp. Tangerine yellow light soon illuminated the dark room.

“It has been many years since someone last lived here. You may stay here for the time being. I will get some people to help you tidy up tomorrow.”

Lin Xun observed the room. Although simple, it had everything that was needed, like a bed, chairs and tables. In fact, there was even a study desk by the window, on which a few dust-covered books were scattered around.

Lin Xun cupped his hands together, “Thank you, elder, this place is great.”

“No need to be courteous.” Xiao Tianren looked at Lin Xun and said, “Young man, it matters not where you came from or why you wish to stay in Feiyun Village. Since you’ve become part of the village, you are naturally no longer an outsider. I hope that you will not do anything that will let the village down.”

Lin Xun smiled and nodded, “Elder does not need to worry.”

Xiao Tianren patted Lin Xun’s shoulder, turned around and left.

After making sure that Xiao Tianren had left, Lin Xun carefully placed the old and worn wooden box on the floor, resting it against the bed. He then pushed open the windows and dazedly gazed at the endless starry sky.

Lin Xun finally could not resist the urge to stretch his back and yawn after a long time. “I’ve finally arrived at the Ziyao Empire’s border after three difficult months of trekking...Mister Lu, if your spirit is here, please be at ease. I will do my best to live on like you wished…”

The thirteen year old youth in coarse hemp clothes leaned against the windowsill; his long hair was loosely tied in a ponytail behind him. Moonlight bathed his thin frame as sorrow flashed across his young and slightly pale face before quickly returning to its usual composed look.

Outside the village, the sounds of cheering mixed with gasps of surprise could be heard in the distance.

Lin Xun listened as a smile involuntarily rose from the corners of his lips.

He decided not to waste any more time and closed the window before returning to the bed. Under the dim lamp light, he opened the old and worn wooden box that had accompanied him for more than ten years.

Meanwhile, Tie Shan was squatting in his field. His face was overflowing with excitement and happiness. His lips trembled as he muttered to himself, “A miracle! It’s a miracle! Those blasted worms are finally gone. God damnit, the heavens are watching after all!”

One of the villagers reminded him, “Old Tie, it’s not the heavens but that young fellow’s work!” 

“Right!” Tie Shan slapped his thighs and loudly exclaimed, “Didn’t I say that he would never trick anyone? But you guys kept suspecting him of being a conman. You guys were so blind and muddle-headed!”

The nearby crowd of villagers felt too embarrassed to speak.

How could they have imagined that such a frail, shabbily-dressed thirteen year old youngster would be able to draw the moon’s light to exterminate the worm infestation?

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