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Chapter 3

Imperial God Emperor

After successfully going through the appraisal, both Yu Long and Xu Fei were filled with excitement. Both their body’s dazzling blood red light could illuminate an area around them of around 10 feet. They both raised their fists and shouted in joy.

And as for the failed Zhao Gu, his appearance was ordinary, even slightly shabby, looking as if he was around fifteen years of age. His blood light had not even shone to more than a foot away, and was extremely weak.

Hearing the judgement, the poor youth looked as if he has lost his last strand of energy, collapsing on the ground with tears falling down his face.

He knew, that from now on, he no longer had any destiny with the martial way.

15 years old was the limit for entering White Deer Academy. For the poor teenagers like Zhao Gu, who possessed no resources or cultivation techniques, failing the appraisal meant they would have to struggle an ordinary life akin to being an ant.

“Number 8888…”

It was finally Ye Qingyu’s turn.

After handing his nameplate to the supervisor, he walked to the stone cauldron in the middle of the grounds.

In every previous appraisal, Ye Qingyu was eliminated at this stage.

Because even for the lightest eighty pound cauldron, he could not budge it in the slightest, let alone lift it. His body would not emit the slightest hint of the blood red light, and hence he became the biggest joke of Deer City.

But in Ye Qingyu’s heart, he was clear as to the reason why…

And today, let all the mockery and scorning end.

Because today, he no longer needed to hide his true power.

Ye Qingyu could almost feel the blood in his body burning.

If not for the promise, Ye Qingyu believed that he would have long shocked and amazed the entire Deer City.

But when his palm touched the handles of the rough, cold cauldron and he was yet to lift it, behind him suddenly came the bland voice of the supervisor. “Wait a minute, you’re Ye Qingyu? Nonsense, who permitted you to enter the examination? Right now, you cannot go through the appraisal, just stand aside for now.”

Ye Qingyu halted suddenly, turning behind him to look.

He saw in front of the appraisal ground, behind the big table, and under the cover of a rainbow canopy, a middle-aged supervisor with a goatee.

He sat on his chair, expressionlessly staring at Ye Qingyu.

This person was the blood qi appraisal ground’s main supervisor.

“Why?” said Ye Qingyu, frowning.

The middle-aged supervisor with a goatee did not have the slightest expression and said in a condescending tone:

“Why? Oh, if I let you wait, then you should just wait honestly. I’m the main supervisor here, does my decision need to be questioned by the trash who was consecutively the fastest to be eliminated for four years?

Ye Qingyu was angered, and was about to say something.

But the next instant, a light appeared in his eyes and he saw a youth standing near the middle-aged supervisor. The youth’s expression was filled with mockery and contempt, and he was glaring with a poisonous expression at Ye Qingyu.

It was the wealthily-dressed youth that he had slapped previously.

Ye Qingyu was suddenly cheered.

So it was this little bastard here causing trouble.

But this little kid was only the child of a merchant family and not a noble how could he get a teacher of White Deer Academy to help him? Ye Qingyu feared the situation was not as simple as it seemed, there was definitely someone acting behind the scenes.

Mindful of this, Ye Qingyu was not impatient anymore.

After enduring for so many years, was there still people in Deer City who had not let down their guards?

Ye Qingyu decided to play with them for a bit, to see who the person behind them was.

Deciding, Ye Qingyu calmly looked at the middle-aged goateed supervisor, his eyes bright and laughingly said, “Are you sure you really want me to wait?”

The middle-aged goateed supervisor could sense the challenge in the teenager’s voice.

As the supervisor, he felt an anger from being disrespected and coldly said, “You trash, letting you enter the appraisal is just wasting others’ time. Slowly wait, heh, as long as another person is still going through the selection process, then you will still wait until the end.

Ye Qingyu decisively nodded his head. “Okay.”

Then he folded his arms and stood there patiently.

This time, Ye Qingyu did not show his brass badge.

Because in his heart, he was clear that even if the brass badge could deter those wealthy teenagers without much experience, but it could not force the official supervisor of White Deer Academy to lower his head.

After all, the academy supervisors did not fall under the rule of the royal family, and their position was relatively high.

Furthermore, Ye Qingyu’s mentality of a prankster had surfaced.

He needed to cause a big incident, to focus the eyes of all of Deer City here and then he will announce to the whole city—

The real Ye Qingyu, has returned!

The other side—

“The next one, continue with appraisal…”

The middle-aged goateed supervisor let out a victorious smile, and lazily announced that the appraisal will continue.

The power to change and manipulate other people’s fate brought him such pleasure that he was intoxicated.

And the things that happened here, very quickly seemed to have grown wings, rumours quickly spreading out.

In truth, every year at this time, things concerning the ‘Four-year champion’, idiot Ye Qingyu no matter whether it was an action or a word would become a topic of heated discussion.

Originally, perhaps some people had some expectations for this youth.

But today, he had already become a total joke.

As the news spread out, and time passed, more and more people crowded into the blood qi appraisal grounds.

Everyone wanted to see, what kind of event Ye Qingyu would cause this time.

Countless eyes and stares were concentrated on Ye Qingyu.

Even the youths who were undergoing the appraisal failed to attract the attention of the crowd.

From start to finish, Ye Qingyu really patiently waited.

In the blink of an eye, one day had already passed.


The second day.

Ye Qingyu still appeared on time at the appraisal grounds.

On his face, there was no hint of anger but rather a mocking smile.

Numerous gloating glances, mocking stares and even pitying gazes endlessly focused upon Ye Qingyu but he seemed to be totally unmoved.

The appraisal process continued.

As the main supervisor announced the results, similar scenes of joy and despair endlessly acted out.

Another day had passed.

The fourth day…

The fifth day…

The sixth day…

The seventh day…

Only on the ninth day did the number of people entering the appraisal begin to lessen.

The originally packed selection grounds gradually began to thin out.

The majority of boys and girls had already finished their examination with the results differing. Occasionally, there would be some examinees that had come far from Deer City and after receiving their nameplate, quickly underwent the six appraisals.

Ye Qingyu as always, was waiting at the first appraisal grounds, blood qi testing.

This appraisal ground, because of the existence of Ye Qingyu, had long become the grounds with the largest spectators.

The middle-aged goateed supervisor calmly sat on his chair.

He would occasionally look at Ye Qingyu, his eyes filled with contempt and mockery, and a very well disguised anger. Ye Qingyu’s insistence to stay caused more and more people to come here to spectate, causing the middle-aged supervisor to feel slightly uncomfortable. He had long forgotten that it was he who was originally making things difficult for the teenager.

Another day had passed.

It was finally the tenth day.

It was also the last day that White Deer Academy would accept students.

In the morning, only three youths came rushing to accept their nameplates and undergo appraisal and in the afternoon, no one had come to undergo appraisal.

“This middle-aged supervisor has gone a little too far, no matter how much of a trash Ye Qingyu is, you still can’t take away his right of examination!”

“That’s right, furthermore Ye Qingyu’s father died in the battle to defend

Deer City and was rumoured to possess a heroic brass badge. How can you treat the descendants of heroes like this? This is too cold hearted isn’t he afraid of punishment from the Snow Country’s royal family?

“In this aspect you are mistaken, his father has long died even if Ye Qingyu has inherited the heroic brass badge he is still not the original owner. Furthermore, he is also from a poor background, according to the laws of the Snow Country, this badge can only protect him until he is fourteen. After that, the city district leader will take back the badge…”

“This Ye Qingyu really is a pitiful child who has a hard life.”

Everyone discussed heatedly, apart from the gloating wealthy aristocrats and some people with ulterior motives, the majority had some pity for Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu looked at the sundial far away, and seeing that the time was right, walked towards the appraisal grounds.

After walking a few steps, a sudden fragrance wafted across.

From the crowds, out walked a beautiful young girl.

She stood in front of Ye Qingyu.

This girl looked to be about thirteen to fourteen years old, wearing White

Deer Academy’s fire red uniform of a fourth year student. The skin at her neck was like delicate white jade, her collarbone detailed, her face was like it came out of a painting and she had a beautiful nose and cherry lips. Through the accompaniment of the tight fitting swordsman uniform her figure was even more exquisite, with long slender legs and a slim waist bringing with it a slight soul stealing desire.

She was definitely a real beauty.

“I’ve heard you are causing trouble again.” The young girl stared at Ye

Qingyu with a reproachful look.

Causing trouble?

Ye Qingyu hesitated and frowned, and said, “Xiaohan…”

The beautiful girl was named Jiang Xiaohan, and it was her, in the most difficult time of Ye Qingyu’s life, in front of the deserted cemetery, said to him: “Let’s never meet again.”

After three years had passed, she had become White Deer Academy’s official student, with outstanding results, she had become like a phoenix.

She had become more beautiful and exceptional, and was not like the little braided girl who had always followed behind Ye Qingyu, needing his protection.

“Please don’t be so intimate with me, call me by my full name, Jiang Xiaohan.” The red clothed girl impatiently interrupted what Ye Qingyu was about to stay and condescendingly said, “It’s been four years, Ye Qingyu. Why don’t you honestly accept your fate and willingly become ordinary? Without any martial talent, no matter how you struggle, all is useless. Rather than becoming a laughing stock, why don’t you become a normal person and safely live your entire life.”

So you really came here to speak like this?

Ye Qingyu laughed, suddenly not wanting to speak anymore, being too lazy to explain anything to her.

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