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Law of Space and Time


Lackadaisical and rebellious in nature, Erwin Friar, a young noble, whiles away his days in the company of seductive hostesses and his equally lackadaisical friends. Little did he know that his life was about to take a drastic turn after a book by the name of “Laws of Space and Time” was bestowed upon him, seemingly by chance.

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    This novel is about Chen Feng, a down on his luck kid of unknown origin, and the famed trash of a backwater sect. He is so unlucky, he even ended up getting struck by someone else’s Tribulation Lightning. And yet, maybe not. For when the Tribulation Lightning descended upon him, it triggered something that he had been carrying with him all this time, granting him a cultivation technique so powerful, it would turn his world upside down.

    Interstellar invasion

    Year 2090. Li Canyue, filled with dreams of the night sky, lives in a new era. Ten years ago, alien invaders known as Gliesens conquered Earth and subjected humanity to a new rule. When the two civilizations were integrating, humanity gained access to new technologies that sparked the era of space exploration. 

    The Constellation Returned From Hel

    Earth, the land that the constellations were aiming for. Hunter Choi Yeonseung decided to start special training to stop the constellations that want to monopolize Earth. His training location was the Abyss, a space where time flowed infinitely slowly. However, Choi Yeonseung was suddenly caught up in a magical storm and had to face the harsh Abyss head-on. Choi Yeonseung went through unprecedented and infinite practical training throughout the Abyss and discovered a clue to be the first human to become a constellation. The hard-working hunter, Choi Yeonseung, was reborn safely as a constellation. Will he be able to save Earth, which is destined to fall prey to the constellations? The hard-working, overpowered martial artist, Choi Yeonseung! The path he walks on to become the first human constellation!

    From Today, I\\\'m a Player

    Hunters getting sponsored by their Sponsors, and amongst them, the most dazzling 12 heroes of them all. They claim themselves to be Gods and started Eden. Eden ruled the world. That was the era that Lee Jun-Kyeong had been living in. Hunters rule the world that normal citizens are living in, like domesticated animals.  However, Lee Jun-Kyeong had a special book in his possession. It was about the life story of a forgotten yet true hero, the Demon King. One day, one of the 12 heroes, Athena, came looking for him. \\\'It\\\'s the past? Over a hundred years ago? When Hunters first started appearing?\\\' However, he fell back into the past. The Demon King\\\'s sponsor, The Sky of the Apocalypse, had sponsored him instead. Although he walked a similar path as what the Demon King took... \\\'It wouldn\\\'t be the same as the Demon King\\\'s.\\\' I dreamt of a much better future than the Demon King; using the very same power that the Demon King had, I would become a Player above all hunters. \\\'From today, I\\\'m a Player.\\\'

    Court Lady

    A quick-witted and talented seamstress, Fu Rou manages her family’s embroidery business in Guangzhou. Unfortunately, a fire burns everything she knew into nothing. Left with nothing, Fu Rou and her family follow Sheng Chumu to Chang’an to start anew. However, her talent for embroidery eventually threw her into court. In a palace full of princes, Fu Rou has attracted the eyes of a particularly stubborn prince to herself.